Oil Industry Local Content Policy and Optimizing Benefits for Workers

This seminar is for oil and gas workers and their unions representatives in oil-producing countries, where local content policy initiatives exist.  The purpose of the seminar is to provide the participants with a wide range of requisite skills to enable the development of a proficient local workforce in all areas of oil production.

The training covers all areas of skills and knowledge union leaders need to be able to put pressure on government and oil companies to realize local content capacity and local content objectives, such as the ability to negotiate secured jobs with good pay, health and safety standards, and environmental standards.  The participants will also learn the skills and expertise that workers need to access the opportunities in every area of workforce development and supplier/vendor development.

Aims and objectives of training
By the end of the training, the participants will know how to:

- promote the development of local expertise, competence, and capabilities
- optimize the benefits of the oil and gas sector for local workers
- topple the domination of the skilled workforce of the oil and gas sector by foreign workers
- build a skilled national workforce that can compete globally
- limit the repatriation of funds by foreign workers
- promote a capacity-building educational system that produces a pool of skilled local workers

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