Capacity Building Seminar on Skills for Improving Industrial Harmony

This is a specially designed training seminar to equip participants (e.g. labour leaders, administrators, political leaders) with the skills for creating and improving industrial harmony.

The training will cover the following stages of improving industrial harmony: creating industrial harmony (i.e., negotiation and agreement), maintaining industrial harmony (i.e., enforcement of agreement), and improving industrial harmony (i.e., optimizing productivity).

Aims and objectives of training
By the end of the training, the participants will know how to:

- engage in conflict prevention and resolution
- use social media for productive relationships
- collectively bargain
- understand issues in industrial management
- appreciate the need for gender equality and balancing
- appreciate the issues and challenges facing organized labour and management
- utilize effective conflict resolution strategies for harmonious labour management relations
- employ effective communication, presentation, negotiation, and persuasion skills

Using Format