Skills for Best Electoral Security Practices

TIPSEC, an organization fun by experts with access to a pool of professionals in every field, offers Best Electoral Security Practices training to the electoral staff and the security agencies it works closely with to ensure security. This training promotes and strengthens democracy, human rights, and good governance.

This is a specially designed training seminar for participants to learn the skills for best electoral  security practices, including how to prevent, manage, and mediate electoral conflicts.

The training will cover the three stages of electoral security practices: pre-election, during election, and post-election.

Aims and objectives of training
By the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

- identify basic security, political, social, and economic causes of electoral conflicts
- recognize early warning signs
- establish the possible flashpoints of conflicts
- set up a profile of threats
- plan intervention
- craft a program of responses to address conflicts
- document electoral conflicts
- address electoral conflicts

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